Janitorial, Bathroom, Break room Supplies, Light Bulbs
Floor Care
Plastic mop bucket, 26 qt., casters & wringers
Mop stick
Mop head, 24 oz.
Mop head, 32 oz.
Push broom, 18 in. tampico
Push broom, 18 in. garage
Push broom, 24 in. tampico
Push broom, 24 in. garage
Push broom, 36 in. tampico
Push broom, 36 in. garage
Corn broom, lobby
Corn broom, large

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Other styles available

Janitorial Products
General all-purpose floor cleaner 6 gal./ctn.
General all-purpose floor cleaner 5 gal./pail
Floor stripper 6 gal./ctn.
Floor stripper 5 gal./pail
Floor wax 6 gal./ctn.
Floor wax 5 gal./pail.
Floor finish 6 gal./ctn.
Floor finish 5 gal./pail
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Cleaning Supplies

(Full Catalogue Available On Request)

Ajax powder 24/21 oz.
Ajax all-purpose liquid 4/1 gal.
Bleach 6/1 gal.
Pine cleaner 4/1 gal.

Pine Sol 

3/1 gal. 

Ammonia(quarts) and [gallons] 18/ctn./4 ctn.
Fantastic trigger spray 12/32 oz.
Mr. Clean 12/28 oz.
Lysol aerosol spray 12/12 oz.
Pledge aerosol spray 6/18 oz.
Windex 4/1 gal.
Windex trigger spray 12/32 oz.
Generic glass cleaner 6/1 gal.
Misty glass cleaner aerosol spray 12/19 oz.
Glade air freshner 12/20 oz.

Palmolive Dishwashing liquid 

12/850 ml 

Scotch Brite Pads 

Sponges medium
Sponges large

Cloth Rags
Ready to use- white low lint knit rags - 50 lbs./ctn. Rags

Drinking Cups
8 oz. Foam 1000/ctn.
8 oz. Paper hot drink 1000/ctn.
8 oz. Paper hot drink with handle 1000/ctn.
10 oz. Paper hot drink 1000/ctn.

7 oz. 

Plastic translucent 


12 oz. 

Plastic translucent 


3.5 oz. 

Paper pleated cup 


Plates & Bowls

6” paper plate 1000/ctn.
6” plastic plate 500/ctn.
9” paper plate 500/ctn.
9” plastic plate 500/ctn.
5oz. bowl 500/ctn.
12oz. bowl 500/ctn.

Sturdy Plastic Cutlery

White forks packed 1000
White spoons packed 1000
White knives packed 1000

Light Bulbs

Catalogue available

Trash Bags

10 gal. 15”x9”x23” 500/ctn. clear & black
13 gal. 15”x9”x31” 1000/ctn. clear
13 gal. 15”x9”x31” 250/ctn. black
30 gal. 16”x14”x36” 250/ctn. black
33 gal. 23”x10’x39” 100/ctn. black, blue & clear
45 gal. 23”x17”x46” 100/ctn. black, blue & clear
55 gal. 22”x14”x58” 100/ctn. black, blue & clear

Hand Soaps

Liquid hand soap Pink Magic 4 gal./ctn.
Liquid hand soap Softsoap w/aloe 4 gal./ctn.
Liquid hand soap Softsoap antibacterial 4 gal./ctn.
Powered soap
Cartridge soap
Gojo Soaps

Complete Catalogue Available

Paper Towels

Roll Towel 2 ply 30/ctn. generic, Tork, Bounty
8” continuous non perf. white 350ft/roll 12/ctn.
c-fold towel 2400/ctn.
singlefold 4000/ctn.
multifold 4000/ctn.

Toilet Tissue & Facial Tissue

Toilet Tissue 500-2 ply 96/ctn. Heavenly Soft
Toilet Tissue 500-2 ply 96/ctn. Atlas
Jr. Jumbo 9” Toilet Tissue 12/ctn. 1 ply & 2 ply
Jumbo Toilet Tissue 12/ctn. 1 ply & 2 ply
Facial Tissue Tork 100/box 30/ctn.
Facial Tissue Kleenex 125/box 48/ctn.
Facial Tissue Kleenex Boutique 95/box 36/ctn.