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Art Gallery Supplies
Corrugated Boxes
Available for
Immediate Delivery

 Box # LxWxH 
4 Cube 4x4x4
5 Cube 5x5x5
14 6x4x4
16 6x6x4
6 Cube 6x6x6
15 7x5x3
17 7x5x5
18 8x6x4
8 Cube 8x8x8
21 9x7x5
24 10x8x6
26 10x8x8
10 Cube 10x10x10
P6 11x8x6
28 12x10x6
30 12x10x8
32 12x10x10
12 Cube 12x12x12
1-B 12½x9½x13½
14-24 14x12x4
34 14x12x8
14 Cube 14x14x14
36 16x12x8
38 16x12x10
40 16x14x10
16 Cube 16x16x16
17x6 17¼x11¼X6
17x10 17¼X11¼X10¾
17x12 17¼x11¼x12
18-46 18x14x6
42 18x14x10
44 18x14x12
46 18x14x14
48 18x16x14
18 Cube 18x18x18
18-10 18¼x12¼x10½
2-B 18½x12½x13½
20-68 20x16x8
50 20x16x14
52 20x16x16
54 20x18x16
20 Cube 20x20x20
56 22x18x16
58 24x18x16
60 24x18x18
62 24x20x18
MC-4 26x20x4
MC-6 28x20x6
MC-8 26x20x8

Double  Wall 

Commercial Bin 


E Container 


EH Container 




 Box # LxWxH 
MC-10 26x20x10
MC-12 26x20x12
MC-14 26x20x14
MC-16 26x20x16
64 26x20x18
74 26x24x24
30x4 27x15x4
30x6 27x15x6
30x9 27x15x9
30x12 27x15x12
30x15 27x15x15
68 28x20x20
72 28x24x20
80 30x26x24
88D 36x20x32
88R 34x28x26
36x4 33x15x4
36x6 33x15x6
36x9 33x15x9
36x13 33x15x13
36x17 33x15x17
34x4 33x19x4
34x6 33x19x6
34x8 33x19x8
34x10 33x19x10
34x12 33x19x12
42x4 39x15x4
42x6 39x15x6
42x9 39x15x9
42x13 39x15x13
42x17 39x15x17



 275lb. test added strength
28T 12x10x6
30T 12x10x8
32T 12x10x10



36T 16x12x8
38T 16x12x10
40T 16x14x10
42T 18x14x10
44T 18x14x12
48T 18x14x14
50T 20x16x14
52T 20x16x16



56T 22x18x16
58T 24x18x16
60T 24x18x18
64T 26x20x18
68T 28x20x18
72T 28x24x20
80T 30x26x24



Picture Boxes:  40x4x30,30x5x24, 35x5.5x44, 36x8x30,45x8x32, 53x7x30

Corrugated Sheets
(200 lb. single wall)

 Length x Width
48"x96" double wall

Mailing Tubes
Diameter X Length



3"X25"- kraft
3"X36"- kraft
3"x48"- Kraft



6"x72"- Kraft
6"x96"- Kraft

8"x96" - kraft 

12"x96" - kraft 

special sizes cut to order all tubes come with two plastic end caps

Glassine Rolls
Width x length

60"x100 yds 

neutral ph 

48"x100 yds 

neutral ph 

36"x100 yds neutral ph

Adjustable Corrugated Picture Corners

Foam corners

Width x length x Height

Adjustable Corners    4"x4"x(.5",1", 1.5")

T-1                             4"x4"x2"
S-75                           4"x4"x2"

Bubble Pack Rolls
 Length x Width
12"x175 ft.perf.12" 3/16" cell (Sm)
12"x100 ft.perf.12" 5/16" cell (Lg)
12"x175 ft.perf.12" 3/16" cell in box
12"x100 ft.perf12" 5/16" cell in box
12"x500 ft.perf.12" 3/16" cell (Sm
12"x250 ft.perf.12" 1/2" cell [Lg]
24"x500 ft.perf12" 3/16" cell (Sm)
24"x250 ft.perf.12" 1/2"cell {Lg]

24"x300 ft.perf. 12"

3/16"cell [Sm]

48"x500 ft. 3/16" cell (Sm)
48"x250 ft. 1/2" cell [Sm]
48"300 ft. 3/16" cell (Sm)


3/16" cell [Sm]

Polyfoam Rolls
 Width x Length
12" x 650' x 1/16" thick perf. 12"

12" x 350' x 1/4" thick perf. 12" 

24" x 550' x 1/8" thick
36" x 1250' x 1/16" thick
36" x 550' x 1/8" thick
48" x 550' x 1/8" thick

48" x 1250' x 1/16" thick 

60" x 750' x 3/32" thick 

Other sizes available upon request

Plastic Tape
(Self Adhesive)

2"55 yds.(polypropelene) clear 36/ctn
2"x55 yds. (polypropelene) tan 36/ctn
2"x110 yds.(polypropelene) clear 36/ctn
2"x110 yds.(polypropelene) tan 36/ctn
2"x55 yds. (Whisper Smooth) clear 36/ctn
2"110 yds. (Whisper Smooth) clear 36/ctn
3"x110yds.(Whisper Smooth) clear 24/ctn
2"x55 yds. (PVC) clear 36/ctn
2"x55 yds. (PVC) tan 36/ctn
2" hand held dispenser (Premium)
2" hand held dispenser (standard)
3"hand held dispenser (Premium)
3"hand held dispenser (standard)

Masking Tape

2"x60 yds. 24/ctn
1"x60 yds. 36/ctn
¾;"x60 yds. 48/ctn
½"x60 yds. 72/ctn
Low tac blue 2", 1 1/2", 1" Widthes

Filament/ Strapping Tape

2"x60 yds. 24/ctn
1"x60 yds. 36/ctn
¾"x60 yds. 48/ctn
½"x60 yds. 72/ctn


Single Stainless Knife sold twelve (12) pcs./box
Orange Handle-heavy duty knife sold individually
Metal handle-heavy duty knife sold individually

Clear Plastic Roll
Width x Length
10'x100' 4 mil thick
12'x100' 4 mil thick

Foam Core

48"x96" 3/16" thick
40"x60" 3/16" thick
30"x40" 3/16" thick

Foam Sheets

24"x48"styrofoam 1" thick
24"x48" styrofoam 2" thick

48"x96" syyrofoam 1" thick 

48"x96" styrofoam 2" thick

Grey Ether foam 36"x80"x1" thick 

Grey Ether foam 36"x80"x2" thick 

24"x48"x1.5" thick white poly lamb 

48"x60"x1.5" thick white poly lamb 

48"x108"x1" thick white poly lamb


"Fragile Handle With Care"  3"x5" 500/roll
"Glass-Handle With Care"    3"x5" 500/roll
"Do Not Crush"                     3"x5" 500/roll
"This Side Up"                       11/2"x7" 500/roll
"Don't Drop Delicate Instrument" 3"x5" 500/roll
"Do Not Use blade To Open"   3"x5" 500/roll
"Packing List Enclosed" - Partial 1000/box
"Packing List Enclosed"- full 1000/box
"Invoice Enclosed"- Partial 1000/box
"Invoice Enclosed" - full 1000/box
Other Tapes
Double sided tape - available on request
Gaffers tape - 2" white and black
Application tape - 8" and 12" width
Duct tape - 2"width
White artists tape 2" and 1" width